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By guest, May 11 2016 07:36PM

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Jul 1 2016 11:35PM by David

Needed a tree taken down right away after strong winds took a large limb out. I received prompt, professional, excellent work and well priced! I was so impressed I've hired them to come back and do maintenance pruning and trimming of 14 other trees. Highly recommended and I'm a picky person.

Jul 25 2016 02:52PM by Johnston Family

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Didn't even finish the job we paid them to do!

Our family paid A+ Affordable Tree Services to cut down and remove 6 Chinese Elms from our property. Their bid said they would remove the trees, chip the brush, haul debris, clean the area, and rake it up so it looked like they were never there. We went with them because they were affordable and said they would take care of everything. When they came to cut down the trees he said that the bid he gave us was, "too good of a price" and that he couldn't do it for that. He then tried to charge us $1,000 extra the day of. His crew was literally there ready to do the job we agreed to, and he said he couldn't do it for that price. They then cut down the trees, but that was the last we heard of them. The wood from six fairly large trees sat on our lawn for weeks and weeks. We tried to get rid of it by offering free firewood with a sign out by the road. Many people came and gathered up what they could. A+ Affordable said they would come get the rest and clean it up like we paid them to do. We kept trying to call A+ Affordable to see if they would come finish the job. Eventually we got a hold of the owner. He said he couldn't finish the job we paid him to do because he had, "already lost money." and that he only had a small Nissan. We asked him if he had any integrity, and if he would at least finish what we paid him to do by hauling off the rest of the wood and cleaning up the area. He said he wouldn't, and hung up on us. Last Saturday four of us cleaned up the remaining 20 tons of trees they left and hauled it to the dump in seven trips. They charged us an extra $50 to dispose of all this. It took 7 hours to get rid of the wood. This was all something A+ said they would do for us. Do yourself a favor and NEVER go with them. They are crooks. They will not finish the job. As soon as they get your money you will have a hard time getting in touch with them. Very shady company. Absolute nightmare working with them.

Sep 23 2016 05:10AM by James

JOHNSTON FAMILY Can't believe what I just read!!! Need to make sure that anyone who reads knows the whole story about this job. I was present when owner of tree service came out and told the crew what the job would be. It was all trees were cut to ground and limbs would be chipped and removed but large pieces would be customer to haul off because of low price he had agreed to for job. It took 5 days to finish job and at no time was any wood or clean-up left on lawn. All large piece were stacked on dirt strip South of lawn. I had two friend come over and cut up large pieces and hauled off 6 or 7 pick-up FREE. Also know 4 or 5 more pick-up were removed. This left a small amount of total wood from job. I think is very important that everyone know the owner of tree service lost about $2000.00 for the amount of work that was done compared to the price the customer was charged. We do hundreds of jobs a year and lots of times we are asked if that is enough for the job we just finished, how clean the job sight is when we are finished. That they would tell there friends and family what a great job we do. Thought It was very important the whole truth was told. about the work done on this job. I know the above information because I was a member of crew doing work.

Oct 14 2016 04:36PM by Marianne Christensen

Excellent service!! This is the third time I have used A+ and each time I have been extremely pleased. All three jobs were completed within time frame set and always within or under the bid amount. The most recent job was removal of 19 cedar trees, as well as trimming some extra-large box elder trees to prevent them from falling on my barn. Ron went above and beyond to make sure things were done as promised and to ensure the protection of my barn. The cleanup was amazing. The crew took extra time to see that the wood I wanted left for firewood was cut, clean and placed out of the way. They even cut the wood into smaller sizes so I could handle it easier – way above what was expected. Ron communicated well if any issues or questions arose. I appreciate Ron’s desire to complete the job in a timely manner and his openness to any changes that I had asked for. I have a lot of trees around my home which require regular maintenance and it will be A+ that I call.

Oct 23 2016 11:26PM by Stansfield

A Plus trees has trimmed my willow tree for the last two years. I have always found them to be efficient and cost effective. They have come on the day and time scheduled, they cleaned up very well and I found their price fair if not cheaper than other bids. Thanks for a great job A+ I will call you again!!!!

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